Pokedex 3D Hands-On (GameXplain)

GameXplain Says: "Unfortunately, while the Pokedex 3D is filled to the brim with content for the Black and White exclusive Pokemon, there is no support for the remaining 493 Pokemon that are also accessible in those games. We’re also not entirely sold on the concept of unlocking Pokemon for what is, at its core, an elaborate database (which you can probably find something similar to online), which will limit its utility. Regardless, it’s a fun and informative little program, and of course, it’s free. Give it a look when it launches alongside the e-Shop on June 6th."

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Eternalb2697d ago

I want to "catch them all"... Maybe there will be an update later for it.

bearsfaan2697d ago

Sounds like an interesting idea, except for the Pokemon part.