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If you were not already aware, the N3DS is set to release a web browser come June 7th in conjunction with the release of its eShop. This web browser will allow users to surf the Internet on the go, or at least a small percentage of the Internet.

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jony_dols2720d ago

Get with the times Nintendo...
My 3 year old phone has a better web browser than this.

darthv722720d ago

they would not really need to use those formats to view site like youtube or whatever. The custom browser would more than likely use portals designed to support the browser. Which would be more reliant on the portal site doing the proper format conversion the ds/3ds can view.

Smart move as it takes the processing of such content away from the hardware in your hand and places it on the server side. This could be similar to how there are psp supported portal sites that let you view youtube content because the psp does not support youtube directly.

If anything, the notion of netflix support (rumored) comes at the use of silverlight which is what netflix uses currently for PC/360 streaming.

n4f2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

i was mad at first but thanks darth for clearing thing
bubble for you
and wtf its just a browser

winlonghorn2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I agree! At least HTML5 for crying out loud! You can't be paranoid forever Nintendo! Even NGP will run at least HTML5 I am sure. :) I might sell my 3DS to pay for it. This is nuts!

darthv722720d ago

support silverlight in place of html 5. flash is for old school content. I would expect it to not support flash.

Criticize lack of flash support all you want but it is flash that is holding back progress of internet video file formats for improved streaming at less bandwidth.

Trroy2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Wow so... what sites can you visit? Is there a list, published by Nintendo?

3DS: Supports web browsing*

DXDA2720d ago

I bought a 3ds for nothing!

jony_dols2720d ago

But you have SSF4 & a bastardised web browser...
what more could you ask, for your $300?

TheColbertinator2720d ago

Thats such garbage.With that crap browser,its just Twitter and some Nintendo sites.

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The story is too old to be commented.