L.A. Noire Review (GPT)

GPT: "Anytime a developer tries something new and heads off the beaten path of gaming, it’s a big risk. Games aren’t cheap to make anymore and ambition can potentially result in a big bust that leaves a developer making movie-licensed games for years. L.A. Noire is about as ambitious as you can get nowadays. Retail shelves are packed with shotgun blasting first-person shooters and cookie cutter action games. Team Bondi has opted to resurrect the adventure genre with a sprinkling of Grand Theft Auto."

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BeaRye2700d ago

Some people are never happy. A 7? Really?

GunShotEddy2700d ago

Maybe, just maybe other people have tastes that differ from your own. That's why we have different consoles, genres and reviews I think.

Nac2700d ago

Then one man shold not speak for one website.

chase1672700d ago

A 7 is a perfect score for this game

Linko642700d ago

Why do people bitch if the game doesnt get a 10? it's not perfect. If anything it has issues than run it to aronud a 8/10 imo.

dazreah2700d ago

Well you are on N4G have you seen what happens when a ps3 exclusive does not get an 8+ on this site!!!!

BlackTar1872700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Cry me a river.
because this has everything to do with a ps3 exclusive.

ohh i just read some of your posts you are the guy who crys about that sort of thing constantly. okay well then carry on.

teedogg802700d ago

L.A. Noire is a brilliant game. I finished it yesterday and I gotta say it was a great feeling. 9/10 for me.

vgn242700d ago

Wonder if you have a preference towards Rockstar games? ^_^

sickbird2700d ago

So far this is my GOTY, its a breath of fresh air.

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