Chrono Trigger Review (GPT)

GPT: "There are only a handful of SNES games that still evoke the level of nostalgia and love for classic turn-based Japanese role-playing games that Chrono Trigger does. It’s one of those rare gems that tend to come up in conversation whenever people are discussing titles that deserve a sequel in this generation of hardware."

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BeaRye2694d ago

Man I want an updated version of this on the PS3 or 360.

GunShotEddy2694d ago

Buy a Wii. They're dirt cheap right now and you can play all the amazing 1st-party games available.

Arknight2694d ago

There actually is a version of this you can play on PS3. Chrono Trigger was re-released for the PS1 as part of Final Fantasy Chronicles which includes both Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger with cutscenes added.

helghast1022694d ago

But the PS1 version sucked, loading, loading everywhere.

The DS version seems to be the best, followed by the SNES version