DirectX 10 is dead, claims AMD

PC Format: "According to AMD at its press conference yesterday in not-so-sunny Taipei DirectX 10 has had its day. With a slide announcing 2011 as the year of DirectX 11 AMD is claiming that the previous API is dead and long live the new."

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MinusTheBear2694d ago

Sure its dead. Most games just use dx9 anyways with a few gaining dx11 every once in a while.

f7897902693d ago

lol that's what I was thinking. Games will utilize the next dx when the new consoles come out.

tdrules2693d ago

DirectX needs to die...

limewax2693d ago

And be left with only OpenGL, No thanks

tdrules2693d ago

or just give developers direct access to the hardware like many are requesting

limewax2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

That would be a better solution, But still I am happy to have it around until that time comes, I just wish the upgrade in features were to come in bigger leaps

neogeo2693d ago

If it dies then consoles die with it. in fact dx9 is 360 all day long. enjoy the next gen.

limewax2693d ago

Not really, Playstation is OpenGL I am fairly sure. If it were to happen consoles would likely just use OpenGL. That said, there is no reason to kill off DirectX

mobijoker2693d ago

Wasn't it dead the day its release?Dx10 was just a mockery.Dx9 was the real deal and now dx11 seems to be that way.

death2smoochie2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Keep pushing DX11 I say.
The differences when implemented properly are huge.
My only concern is how PC games get the shaft in most cases when its a multi-platform game and developers make the game with the PS3/Xbox360 in mind first and leave out DX11 or its OpenGl equivalent features at the door so not to make the console versions look pathetic.