Dream E3 Announcements: The Return Of The Getaway 3

PushSquare: "Every once in a while a franchise comes along that you love in spite of its gameplay. The Getaway is one of those franchises. Its early incarnations are near unplayable due to shoddy controls and poor level design, but they are still amongst some of our favourite games on PlayStation."

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iamnsuperman2694d ago

That would be one shock if the announce and show that

stonecold32694d ago

same with eight days and eyeidentify

iamnsuperman2694d ago

I forgot about eight days. I have never heard of eyeidentify. So many games that have slipped through the crack (Battlefront 3, Timesplitters 4-I know not PS exclusive but still where are these games)

NBT912694d ago

Eyedentify was shown during the official PS3 unveiling, I doubt it is ever going to come out, seemed more like a "target tech demo" than anything else. It is an EyeToy Game, they actually were having genuine one to one conversations and stuff, laughing at jokes and all those kinds of things.

And yeah The Getaway 3, would be great especially if they could fix the "works when it wants to" shooting mechanics of the first games.

Quagland2694d ago

No, foo'. That would be the return of Syphon Filter.

creamsoda2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Oh hell yeah the getaway was awesome back in the day, and that pic is oooold I remember it from like 6 years ago.

NBT912694d ago

Its weird to think this was announced back when that crazy "target" footage for KillZone 2 was revealed...

Pintheshadows2694d ago

According to Gamesradar Syphon Filter 4 does exist. This would be nice as well.

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