PlayStation 3 Official Japanese Site Is OPEN

The official Japanese site for Playstation 3 is now up. The site includes the Hardware section where it gives info specifications on Playstation 3, while the Software section gives a roster of games available for PS3.

check it out below...

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rj815408d ago

I looked at the hardware specs. I don't see 550/500 mentioned anywhere...anyone see anything?

RelloC5408d ago

but no, nothing on that vague little spec sheet they give. they dont give much of anything except CPU = Cell, GPU = RSX, well... no sh1t.

rj815408d ago

When I wrote 550/500 I was referring to the CPU downgrade rumours. The Inquirer "reported" that the CPU was being downgraded to 500 mhz... this spec sheet should reveal the true power of the CPU. But you're telling me they don't reveal the mhz of their processor on a SPEC SHEET??

T-Rac5408d ago

I wish I could read Japanese

specialguest5408d ago

use http://babelfish.altavista.... you will get a direct translation which is still a little tricky to make out.

rj815408d ago

with that is the spec sheet is an image.

5408d ago
THE TRUTH5408d ago

Could Careless what the specs are, JUST SHOW ME THE GAMES!!!

ElementX5408d ago

I believe you mean to say "couldn't care less", because that is the least you could care. Could care less means there's still a bit of caring left.

Ken Kutaragi5407d ago

Well my site is up my fanboy children... hope you like how detailed the spec list is. So remember this November Jump In... i mean... Jump Cahnge....Ummmm....Welcome In?