Panasonic Preps in-car Blu-ray player

The days of drive-in movies are long gone and the radio sometimes just doesn't cut it for entertainment. So Panasonic's unveiled what's believed to be the world's first in-car Blu-ray Disc drive at this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

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ATLRoAcH4873d ago

My ride will be awesome with some hi-def blu-ray.

lodossrage4873d ago

Just one more thing to break into someone's car for aside from taking the car itself

whateva4873d ago

Why are people riding around with HD TV's in they cars

Rich Bastard lol.

Jdash244873d ago

well if people are buying the blu ray versions of movies, they're most likely not going to go out and buy the dvd version, so it would be convienent for them if their car had a blu ray player in it

SmokeyMcBear4873d ago

yeah i don't see the need for this.. although I remember my buddies expedition that had two playstations with screens in the headsets.. now playing warhawk while driving down to LA on a road trip.. that would be sweet.

Snukadaman4873d ago

that also goes with hd-dvd right?? whats the use of putting blu-ray and something as small as 13 inches.

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The story is too old to be commented.