Study: Guitar Hero III has more groupies than Rock Band

Joystiq may go crazy over Harmonix and Electronic Arts' love child Rock Band, but data from IGN's GamerMetrics reminds us that the franchise has a ways to go if it wants to overtake its distant cousin Guitar Hero III.

According to the statistics, there were 22 million page views on IGN for Guitar Hero III-related articles, vs. 10 million for Rock Band (a 120% increase). GHIII was also on almost twice as many wishlists (5,755 vs. 2,928) as its competitor and over six times as many message board posts (25,000 vs. 4,000).

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YoMeViet4876d ago

GH is a proven series while Rock Band is new and untested. And the thing that I am most afraid of is that EA is going to mess it up somehow. EA has a bad rep for doing such things(mostly sports games).

sa_nick4875d ago

Lol, ur scared of the DISTRIBUTER screwing up the game?

Neversoft are the ones to be scared of, theyve completely screwed up the GH franchise.

toughNAME4876d ago

I am one of the 5,755 strong hord of groupies :D