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Duke Nukem Forever: Randy Pitchford Talks PS3 Version, PlayStation Legacy

James Gallagher writes:

"Look up the term ‘vaporware’ and Duke Nukem Forever will likely be used as an example, but it’s real and it’s coming to U.S. PS3s in less than two weeks. I caught up with Randy to ask why you should always bet on Duke."

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Community4793d ago
Emilio_Estevez4793d ago

love this line
"Duke doesn’t have any problems – he just goes around kicking ass."

SilentNegotiator4793d ago

I kick ass and chew bubble gum.....and I am all out of ass.

"How can you reassure PlayStation fans that the PS3 version of the game is going to be top-notch?
Gearbox has a lot of experience with the PS3 with Borderlands and Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway"
Umm....well, those games weren't exactly technical masterpieces, but they didn't really greatly favor either console.

I guess we'll see.

DarkFantasy4793d ago

if you gonna say it wrong do it right!

I'm going to kick bubble gum and chew ass and i'm all out of ass.......wait.

skip to 3:18 and watch till 4:22 XDD

anyway OT duke is gonna be great hope to play my first access demo soon :) also got my new pc!! it's a mid range gaming pc but after a few modifications :P lol

red2tango4793d ago

this game was originally only on PC and 360. Meaning that Gearbox didn't have time to build it from the ground up which implies a PS3 port. It's not rocket science.

Emilio_Estevez4793d ago

Um, it's been being made for 12 years, they had time.

Trroy4793d ago

Actually, the original version was PC only.

Both the 360 and PS3 versions are "ports", in that sense, and in designing the console engines, they likely used the PS3 as a strict multi-threading model to strive for.

SoapShoes4793d ago

^True because the 360 and PS3 weren't even a thought when it was started in production. hahaha

ChronoJoe4793d ago


It's also on old tech. Gearbox probably brought allot of optimising techniques to the table. I doubt it'll push the boundaries of either platform.

red2tango4793d ago

You guys can't actually think this is built from the ground up? And it was set for release on the 360. The first teaser video on Gametrailers had PC/360 tag. The PC version was being built first, but the 360 was added to the plan. Gearbox only recently got the game, they then decided to bring it to PS3 as well. It will be a port and you'll see the screenshot comparisons. They don't have as many resources as you'd hope.

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Trroy4793d ago (Edited 4793d ago )

I can't see why people would have any issues with Duke being unpopular because he's "American".

His character is outrageously overconfident, abrasive, etc. He wouldn't be anywhere near as humorous if he was from anywhere BUT America.

ChronoJoe4793d ago

Quite. It's funny.

Europeans etc find it funny because Duke is a parody on the American alpha-male.

Jinxstar4793d ago

I kinda feel like this is gonna flop hard... If your gonna buy press agree. If not disagree. Just curious

Faztkiller4793d ago

First I'm gonna Gamefly if its good then I will buy it

BTW I hope Gearbox announce a new Borderlands soon

FalconR2894793d ago

It's not real until it's in my hand.

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2D Sidescrolling Version of Duke Nukem Forever Leaked

Duke Nukem Forever originally began its life as a sidescroller instead of a shooter back in 1996, and that canceled version has just been leaked.

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Community565d ago
Rancegamerx565d ago

Very cool, but i don't know how real this is... I'll check it out later to find out.


Gearbox says Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands ‘clearly a new franchise after shattering targets’

“Future experiences [are] already under development at Gearbox," says Randy Pitchford

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Community662d ago
melons663d ago

I'm actually surprised by this, I feel like it came and went very quickly without too much interest

but good to see!

dumahim662d ago

Well, it was relatively short and no True Vault Hunter mode to replay the campaign. The DLC was horribly short, lame and overpriced, which didn't help.

Sgt_Slaughter662d ago

Probably had a significantly smaller budget, so it was able to smash lower targets while not being immensely popular.

I wonder how Borderlands 3 did overall as well. I've seen that game for under $15 multiple times (and in multiple clearance racks for $5).

franwex662d ago

I too am surprised at how well this sold.

gold_drake662d ago

im surprised, bit damn was it a good game.

porkChop662d ago

A sequel will need a lot of work. They didn't lean nearly enough into the fantasy elements, which left the combat feeling like Borderlands rather than a new franchise. The end game is trash, there's no new game plus, no proper DLC/expansions, etc. The drop rates for loot were god awful.

It had a lot of great ideas but in terms of gameplay it felt way too safe, like Gearbox was too scared to stray too far from Borderlands.

Profchaos662d ago

I legit thought it was intended to be dlc at first for b3 which kind of explains why it didn't

dumahim662d ago

Yeah, fuck those drop rates. Trying to farm for something specific was futile. Especially for the armor. Need to match 2 classes instead of 1, and then there's the whole Ascended, Primordial, etc thing that made it even harder. Add another class into it later lowered the chances even further. They really needed to tailor drops so you had a better chance of getting your own classes drops.

This is why I stopped playing. I'd spend an hour or two every day farming, filling my inventory, loading up loot bunnies with crystals, and consistently get nothing to show for it after a month of trying to get an upgrade for one piece of gear.