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UnbiasedGamer3635d ago

Serious sam was always over the top ridiculous fun loool and this doesn't look any different. I heard in this game you can quad dual weapons...yes hold four weapons at one or was it five? haha


Loved Serious Sam 2! I want this one aswell!

wallis3635d ago

If I offered a service whereby people had to pay 300,000 pounds to have me scream insults in them in a poorly imitated scottish accent whilst inserting an egg whisker up their arse I would get more customers than there are people in Serious Sam 2's fan base.

When Steam offers the complete Serious Sam package they ignore Serious Sam 2. When I bought prey they gave me SS2 for free, and Prey was hardly a groundbreaking block buster.

I guess all I'm saying is that you are probably one of four people who liked Serious Sam 2. The people who MADE Serious Sam 2 didn't like it.

And I'm NOT talking about the second encounter. I'm talking about the full blown sequel. I just feel like you should feel like an immensely unique human being right now. You can boast that you liked Serious Sam 2. More people have died as a result of inhaling kitchen utensils.


Maybe im thinking of SS2 SE, you make SS2 sound horrible lol!!

MidnytRain3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Wow, I've never played a Serious Sam title before, but that looked like a ton of fun. I might go back and actually read that interview at IGN. ;) As usual, I can't wait for E3.

Off topic, but there's a spelling error in the submission description: "alreade".

Drewminati3635d ago

Looks like that game will hurt my computer : (

Cajun Chicken3635d ago

Seriously, this better be out on consoles too. I just don't have the PC for that.


BushLitter3635d ago

It will be on consoles but only after it releases on PC. Not sure how long after though

BeastlyRig3635d ago

Day1! On pc! & probably $10 cheaper..

Mista T3635d ago

awesome! looks like tons of fun!

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