BioShock: Life Size Big Daddy Helmet for Sale on eBay

A life size Big Daddy helmet has made its way onto eBay. The current bid for the item is $250.

This is a Custom made one of Representation of the Big Daddy Helmet form the game Bioshock, It is made of foam, cardboard and plastic. It is wearable for a halloween costume.

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YoMeViet4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Lol I wonder is that suit is bullet-proof...
And is it water resistance?....

dexterwang4871d ago

Wow dress up as a big daddy and bring ur little daughter (if u have one) trick ol' treating! Make sure to make a custom syringe for her too...

and I'm sure a vocal cord irreversible operation wouldn't hurt too ;)

Evil Rant Monkey4871d ago

That's a sweet idea dude!
Time to start makin' babies (all for the cause of a halloween costume)!