Secret agent clank to connect with tools of destruction

PlayStation 3 title Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction from Insomniac Games has just been released recently. As you all know, another entry in the franchise will be coming in 2008 to PlayStation Portable gamers in the form of Secret Agent Clank.

The Sony handheld title is being developed by High Impact Games. Now, we know fans of the franchise have dreamed hundreds of times before if the two titles will have some sort of connectivity or "talk to each other", as Sony lovingly calls it.

Well, you're dreams will be coming true according to Insomniac Games Creative Director Brian Allgeier. MTV reported on Allgeier's statements, "There are some less apparent bullet points to note about Tools of Destruction. It will connect to the 2008 PSP spinoff Secret Agent Clank in some secret, undisclosed way".

While no other information was revealed, sometimes a confirmation is just what fans need. Keep checking back here at QJ.NET for official statements from the developers and Sony regarding the matter.

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Padre4873d ago

After Ratchet "7.5" Clank Tools of Destruction, nobody is going to buy this....... agent Clank game? LOL, is going to be a bomba.

Vojkan4873d ago

yawn, ok we noticed you

AllanWakker4873d ago

Hilarious that a dumb troll managed to pick the biggest idiot in gaming for an avatar...

The world doesn't need a dopier and talentless John Romero wannabe.

Evil0Angel4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

i remmbered when siny said"PS3 can deliver toy story graphic"

GAMEPLAY:fcuking must buy..PS3 get it first killer app

UT3 coming nov


Bubble Buddy4873d ago

Padre again, LOL i know eh? 7.5? of course noone is gonna buy it. aha, wave that xbox flag, wave it high.

MikeGdaGod4873d ago

hopefully this is just the beginning.

i'd rather they focus on things like this instead of acheivements for PS3.

ceedubya94872d ago

But I'm not blinded so much by a brand that I can't recognize a good game when I see one. I also believe that the 7.5 score was rediculous. But that's just one so-so review amongst a lot of great ones. I'll be happy when my copy finally arrives so I can enjoy this gem of a game.