IGN reviews Fury: "an awkward beast"

As far as the MMO scene goes, things certainly seem to be tired and stagnant. Many out there understand the need for grind in these games, but just can't stomach days and weeks of repeatedly killing the same types of creatures, only to do it again with no real end goal in sight. Auran's Fury attempts to address that. It's strictly PvP (player versus player) combat. There's no overworld, no quests, and no real storyline. It's basically the same thing as an online shooter with lots of upgradeable skills and armors. While it brings together some interesting ideas, Auran's grafting of an arena shooter to an MMO has produced an awkward beast.

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Capt CHAOS4013d ago

stinks of paying for Gym membership and then not using the Gym.. We all know we should use it, we're paying for it, seems like fun initially but then....