Deeko Jericho Xbox 360 Review

From review:

"Remember this kids, Clive Barker, Mercury Steam and Codemasters have formed together to make what is in my mind one of the best shooters this year. With a dark and gripping story that will keep you up at night. Visuals that easily bring Mercury Steam to the forefront of next-gen developers, then wrap it all up with combat that is varied and visceral. Jericho is a winner. While not perfect, it does more than enough to make it stand out from some of the others shooters this year and maybe even show them a few new tricks in the process. Jericho may not be for everyone, especially if you have a weak stomach or can't handle the sometimes unsettling atmosphere. But for horror mavens and fans of Barkers previous work, Jericho is a delectable treat that will make it feel like Halloween long after the pumpkin on the porch has rotted and is now attracting flies."

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