Lara Croft: From Big Boobs to Bloodied and Bruised

Crystal Dynamics' reboot of Tomb Raider sees the emphasis being placed on a new Lara Croft, one who is now "human" and fallible. In creating a more human protagonist, are they taking away the power that Lara once had and replacing it with something worse?

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shreeveera4702d ago

Whatever they doesnt really matter.
Only thing that truly matters more than the graphics and makeover is excellent Gameplay.

zeeshan4701d ago

I really like the new Lara Croft. She is more believable! Really looking forward to this game. I hope it delivers and I hope they learned a few things from Uncharted franchise.

Jezuz4701d ago

What is wrong with your statement. What you said is true, i guess most people one N4G just bow down to whichever game has good graphics.

StbI9904701d ago

Trust me shreeveera, I doubt you would play any game for most fun that it is if the graphic were par to the NES era ;), in this kind of genre? graphic matters then gameplay, equally if there is to be guessed.

danielle0074701d ago

While I agree this game would not work back in the NES graphics stage, it was never ever created back then, so that's completely irrelevant. But, I can literally go back and play Tomb Raider 3 (my favorite) to this day, and still love it. Even with it's "sub par graphics."

You're still exploring, there's still so much shiz to find, and the game play is perfection.

So, sure, the graphics on this thing will probably be pretty. But, if the gameplay is crap, it won't matter one bit. Gameplay is always > graphics. I'd still play this game if it's not the most beautiful if it was still super fun.

Misterhbk4701d ago

She's clearly still got big boobs. Just got the boobs in much better graphics now.

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femshep4702d ago

i like the new lara...she actually looks like a woman now instead of a 40 year old basement fantasy....im looking forward to this

03214701d ago

Couldn't agree more.
They compared the Lara Croft reboot to Uncharted when it comes to humanity. Well Uncharted is an amazing franchise. So with the new Lara Croft reboot adding "humanity" Lara Croft could be an amazing thing to. Just because they wanna make her look more woman like doesn't mean its a game breaker. It could be for the better. Ether way I loved the Lara Croft franchise and look forward to playing this one.

femshep4701d ago

yeah, tho no lara game is going to beat the butler following you all around your mansion....and finally locking him in the freezer

WitWolfy4701d ago

Man I remember doing that in Tomb Raider 3 , lol good times!

A day one purchase for me, cant help but feel excited about it. If Uncharted inspired a reboot like this, then we can expect nothing but good things all the way

Vitalogy4701d ago

I actually like it more now. Doesn't look like a barbie with inflated boobs anymore, looks way more real and tough.