Months after declaring Tomb Raider unaffected by layoffs, Tomb Raider dev hit with wave of layoffs

Gamesradar writes: "Embracer Group's bloodbath continues as Tomb Raider dev Crystal Dynamics reports layoffs

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has suffered a wave of layoffs just months after insisting that the ongoing staff hemorrhage at parent company Embracer Group wouldn't affect the new Tomb Raider game or the studio's collaboration with The Initiative on the Perfect Dark reboot."

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-Foxtrot81d ago

It's sad that I'm more excited for the remaster trilogy than the new game.

Snookies1281d ago

Nothing sad about that, the original three were amazing games! Can't wait to explore the Croft manor again and find all the secrets... It's been ages, so I barely remember the games these days.

Rebel_Scum81d ago

lol secrets. You know the first thing you’re gonna do is lure the butler to the freezer and shut the door on him haha.

Mr_cheese80d ago

I can remember the secrets so clearly! Haven't played them since I was a kid but tha mansion just stays in my head

CobraKai81d ago

Im only disagreeing because it’s not sad. Im excited as all hell for these. I can’t even remember if i played 3, but 1 and 2 are still ingrained in my mind. I love remasters and im actually excited to play these in a clean looking “ps1” mode…. i guess that would be a “pc” mode.

-Foxtrot81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I’m not sad as in “I don’t want the remasters” I’ve wanted them for years. I’m super excited.

I’m sad with how they’ve handled TR over the years, I should be super excited for their next modern release but they have nothing but the remaster trilogy.

And I’ll say it…I didn’t care all that much for the reboot trilogy, it just didn’t feel like Tomb Raider at all. Like a new IP with Tomb Raider slapped on where you “become the Tomb Raider” for 3 games

CobraKai80d ago

Yeah. I agree. I think i got burned out on “realistic” Lara, thats trying so hard to catch up to Nathan Drake, that i miss the old adventures of Lara. The Lara that would be in a bath robe with a shotgun.

crazyCoconuts81d ago

"Crystal Dynamics made the difficult decision to part ways with 9 Brand/Marketing and 1 IT employee today due to an internal restructuring..."
Small layoff, hardly news worthy.

Tacoboto81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

With Aspyr handling the rereleases, what exactly would these CD marketing people be doing with no game release scheduled for any time soon? More yoga sessions on Twitch?

Sciurus_vulgaris80d ago

Marketing is being cut simply because Amazon will market the next Tomb Raider title, while Microsoft will market Perfect Dark. Crystal Dynamics will probably be fine due to development contracts with Amazon and a Microsoft. Unfortunately, I can’t say that rest of Embracer Group has any long-term stability.

Knightofelemia81d ago

Embracer has left one hell of a mess and Tencent will be swimming around picking at the scraps.

RaidenBlack81d ago

ffs, Embracer is already looking to sell Gearbox ... Volition studio was shutdown
now, CD got affected and even affect Eidos aswell?
Better sell Gearbox to Sony
And CD & Eidos to MS
than shrink these studios to bare minimum

Starman6980d ago

Sony should buy crystal dynamics 😎🤟

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Fallout New Vegas Deserves A Remake, But Bethesda Isn't Listening

Fallout 4 New Vegas is trying to remake the game but plenty of other volunteer places have given up, and Bethesda isn't helping things by not announcing a remake.

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-Foxtrot17h ago

Probably because they don't want to acknowledge Obsidian made a Fallout game that feels a bit more Fallout like.

If Obsidian had a better budget and a full development cycle without being rushed this game could have been bigger and even better than it was.

Godmars29012h ago

Still wondering what's going to happen now that they're under the same roof.

Smart thing would be to let Obsidian do a remake or other Fallout location, only with money behind it.

Worst thing likely to happen is Bethesda gets their noses rubbed in a better project, and put more effort into their projects as result.

-Foxtrot10h ago

Well apparently Bethesda said they want to make Fallout games, not anyone else. No idea if that’s true but if it is then it’s kind of dickish as it means we won’t get a Fallout game until after Elder Scrolla VI which could be like 2030ish

If Obsidian were allowed then it means they could get one out quicker. They don’t have to make a main numbered game but either a spin off like New Vegas or maybe do a remake of the first Fallout in the new style.

Personally I just don’t see why Microsoft greenlit Outer Worlds 2 when Bethesda were doing Starfield, a space exploration RPG, obviously they are different styles / tones but you may aswell had Obsidian do something different.

Christopher59m ago

They're both Xbox studios, shouldn't be a problem. Just say 'we made this' like every 'accomplished' online content creator.

shinoff218311h ago

He'll I'd really like to see them finally show some love to the orginals. Can't even get those on gamepass. Plenty of similar type games have been made for consoles so it can be done. People would go nuts for them. They did the og wasteland(well not bethesada) but just as an example. Bethesada treats the og fallout as bastsrd stepchildren. Why

RaidenBlack5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Because of the game engine. Obsidian's Fallout "needs" to be done on the Creation Engine or else it won't have the same charm as New Vegas. An UnrealEngine based one will feel more like Outer Worlds due the lack of scripting that Creation Engine boast.
Now, the latest Fallout build is of the 76, which looks quite dated and is not fit for a future release.
On the other hand, the latest Creation Engine build is of Starfield, which will require quite a lot of re-work from Bethesda themselves after which Obsidian can work on.(And Bethesda teams are likely busy with Starfield fixes, DLCs and Elder Scrolls 6.) This was not the case case during New Vegas, where Fallout 3 build was readily available and Obsidian iterated over it to their liking and design.

enkiduxiv1h ago

If by “charm” you mean immersion breaking jank, then I suppose you’re right.

We need to stop apologizing for Bethesda’s poor quality control. It was barely excusable when Fallout 3 came out and it’s down right pathetic now.

Let Obsidian make a Fallout game with a modern engine. It will be a better product than anything running on Bethesda's engine.

If you’re worried about Unreal 5 not being able to remember where you drop every little piece of worthless garbage the game makes you collect, don’t. It can handle that type of game design.

Inverno2h ago

It doesn't need a remake, it needs obsidian to make a new Fallout.

Tollieneus2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Just get a PC and mod it like a real gamer. Easy. Doesn't need a remake.