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There might not be a direct connection, but it's hard to imagine the God of War series existing as it does without Conan the Barbarian preceding it. At their hearts, both are brutally violent and dark tales of swords and sorcery, so it's not entirely surprising that developer Nihilistic has taken extensive inspiration from God of War in developing a game based on Robert E. Howard's iconic adventurer. Conan neither goes as big nor has the same high shine as God of War, but its graphic carnage still packs a real visceral punch. In a way, the game's unapologetically lowbrow take on D&D fantasy enhances the experience.

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dfcm20034064d ago

I like this game. LOL I played the demo and enjoyed it. Is there something wrong with me????? I dont like it $60 worth, but maybe a used copy?

masterg4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

I played the demo for about 5 minutes. I reminded me of a really bad version of heavenly sword.

That GameSpot gave this the same score as Ratchet gives me chills. I have respected GameSpot in the past and always thought their scores were fair.

But it's hard to not notice their "hate" at the PS3. I simply don't understand a professional site like this can go this low.

marinelife94064d ago

I couldn't believe they gave Conan the same score as R$C either. I'm through with Gamespot.

DrPirate4064d ago

I thought it was really bad. But it's just my opinion.

gamesR4fun4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Maybe their just trying to make up for the rc review?
Still looks like a decent rental 2 me I mean boobs and blood how can you go wrong?

resistance1004064d ago

so according to gamespot conan is as good of game as R&C?...Right do gamespot even play games?

crck4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

They need multiple reviewers per game if their staff is not intelligent enough to eliminate bias from their reviews. And I don't necessarily mean console bias but bias against certain genres as well.

Edit: Wow GS got the score right on God of War 2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day dufus. BTW I didn't say all their scores were wrong. Its the lack of consistency that I have a problem with.

BloodySinner4064d ago

I guess GameSpot wasn't so jacked up when this review came along? -

Chris3994064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

It's six hours long, has no MP, secrets or replay value to speak of and is, quote: "Derivative as it is" - yet is scores the same as R&C. Maybe it's the high def breasts. I imagine Nariko would have scored signifigantly higher if they only used 'teh pwr of teh CELL' to give her advanced, independent breast physics too. That's AAA (DDD) material right there.

I finished listening to reviewers a long time ago; the gaming media doesn't even have as much credibility as sensationalist magazines. An earlier posted article - "GamesRadar Salutes National Breast Cancer Month: Best Breasts Of Gaming", comes to mind as being particularly distasteful and indicative of the industry mindset. You wouldn't even see such a despicable piece of "news" in Maxim or Playboy or any of the other 'mens' mags. This is really just another nail in the coffin though. It's further evidence that these reviewers tastes are not MY tastes, and by looking at the poll of popular opinion (user scores, for example), they are not representative of the tastes of the general public either.

It's sad that most of these people are not actually journalists, have no schooling in arbitrary reporting or ethics, and it shows.

- C

gamesblow4064d ago

It's mature, that's why... They're expected to give it above average. R&C is for kids, right? What a joke! This makes me even sicker at those Anal Beads. I loath Gamespot... Loath them to the fullest extent that I can in gaming. I broke over 13 nes controllers in my day... The games responsible didn't agrivate me as much as those Slop Dongs over at Gamespot. Simple and clean, they're PETER PELTCHERs.

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