Retail Radar: DS EndWar, Splinter Cell

Between online product listings and Nintendo's own release schedule, it seems everyone except Ubisoft itself is convinced that the publisher is bringing its stealth-action game Assassin's Creed to the Nintendo DS.

Now product listings on GameStop's online store are suggesting that the publisher is bringing two more of its anticipated games to Nintendo's portable. DS editions for both Tom Clancy's EndWar and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction are listed on the retailer's Web site, with both titles expected to ship in March 2008 for $29.99 each.

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iceice1234101d ago

Must be a mistake, they would be really bad.

Greysturm4101d ago

But if splinter cell conviction is being ported to DS the claim of exclusivity just went down a notch in everyones radar if correct i can expect to hear the all platforms version soon not that i will buy it if it feels like another expansion pack which all games so far including double agent (at least the ps2 version) have felt. I wodner how in heavens name will you be able to play endwar on ds, i know it has a mike but i dont think its advanced enough to filter background noise.

Sam Fisher4101d ago

i understand End war b/c its alot like halo wars (i typed this title b/c it was the shotest name i could come up with in those types of games) so it would be cool b/c of touch screen but conviction i wouldnt understand y they should make it for the psp b/c its alittle free roaming like gta so it would be cool

Sam Fisher4101d ago

and as u can see i dont need to say im a fanboy or anything as u can see my name and pic i shouldnt say more