Delisted Xbox 360 Games Reappear On Microsoft Store, Brutal Legend, Silent Hill, and More

Delisted games like Brutal Legend that were taken down from Microsoft Store are now starting to appear again on the Digital Store.

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Tacoboto422d ago

The article neglects to mention that you can purchase Xbox/Xbox 360 titles directly from the Xbox One's Store now. It doesn't throw you into that Xbox 360-era Store flow anymore (which required that Credit Card info in the prompt).

Much more cohesive.

PyroMessiah86422d ago

Finally :D was waiting for that. So good playing all these games enhanced and working better than ever

gamer7804421d ago

cool, i was really hoping doublefines next game was going to be brutal legend 2 when i saw jack black. not really keen on psychonaughts. A new Brutal Legend game would be awesome.