Debate: Is An Open Gaming Platform Even Possible?

An interesting topic this week is the subject of the possibility of an open gaming platform, which was brought up by an exec at EA saying what each of us gamers with limited income have thought at least once in our lives–"Why can't there be just one console to buy?" The idea of purchasing a Wii, 360, and a PS3 makes many gamer's wallets shudder with horror, even in the hardcore contingent.

The Weekend Gamer higlights two interesting articles in the past two days–one that suggests that an open gaming platform is inevitable, and one that argues against the probability of it ever happening. He says, "I'd like you to read the arguments and then weigh in on two topics-do you think going to one unified gaming platform is a good idea in principle, and then do you think it will happen? Hit the jump to find the links and read portions of both article, then post your comments."

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wil4hire4011d ago

Such a lazy developer. I hope someone sues them soon to breakup. They are becoming the Microsoft of the Game world.

Too big, not enough quality control.

Close_Second4010d ago

EA will project earning potential of a game and budget accordingly to build and release that game on each respective platform. If its going to take longer to deliver as a result of build issues I dare say they do a profit projection and decide to release the game anyway.

If EA still earn profit from PS3 releases then they'll continue to do what they're doing. If they don't earn a profit then chances are they'll drop support for the platform. Now, which is worse for Sony - not having EA release games on their PS3 or EA releasing inferior versions on their PS3. Keep in mind, one of the big nails in the Dreamcast coffin was EA deciding not to support it.

Bubble Buddy4010d ago

EA has gone downhill right now after losing nba to 2K (my opinion) and maybe fifa to PES. Sometimes it seems like they don't care about how the quality is and just want to make a quick buck.

skagrerrrr4010d ago

thing, EA's nba live franchise has to revamp its engine

Bebedora4011d ago

I must say it is. Hard to do, but Windows do exist because it is the only PC/Home computer platform since it's in the 90%+

MS is doing something right, but it's not software.

marshman4011d ago

With competition you get game machines with new free features and games that are better on each platform. because there always trying to out do each other.

Skerj4011d ago

It's a good concept in theory but then so is communism. One could argue that with one unified console we'd see better games as the developers would know the architecture inside and out. I'd agree with that but then the hardware side would beome stagnant, and then people would start bringing out more peripherals with features that won't get nearly the market penetration as it would have if it'd have been a standard feature. Case in point, the Wiimote.

I somehow think though that EA would like to see this happen so they can develop just one roster update to Madden a year instead of doing it for all current consoles. ..

dfcm20034011d ago

We already have a Open gaming platform, its called a PC

Ok, lets just say, who is going to make this one console? Or are there going to be a MS version and a PS version? Even it both starts out with the same specs, by next console, they will be different.....

I would not buy a console made by MS, not after this Gen's 360. I work to hard for my money..

And Their are Xbox fans who would never touch a PS version.. So How would this really work?

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The story is too old to be commented.