Transformers: Dark of the Moon multiplayer trailer

TVGB: "The debut trailer for the multiplayer mode of High Moon's new Tranformers game has arrived."

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SuperStrokey11233645d ago

This doesnt look terrible, looks like they took a bunch of ideas from WFC.

Vecta3644d ago

Its made by the same people as the ones who made WFC.

SuperStrokey11233644d ago

Thats great news as WFC was fantastic

badkolo3644d ago

doesnt look terrible at all, but how will it play is the question.

we are getting to that point in this console cycle where any game can look good in trailers but then they come out and they are junk or just a decent game at best but there is no reason to rush to judgment until this game hits and then take it from there, so far so good


If it plays like War For Cybertron it will be awesome.

If not, they have made a mistake.

tigertron3644d ago

Like the above said, if its like WFC, it'll be awesome, but something about this game just doesn't feel right. I hope tis not another rushed half arsed movie game. I have faith in High Moon because of WFC, but we'll just have to wait and see..