Metal Gear Solid 4 Tuned Down?

We were all amazed by the fantastic trailers created under the direction of the genious of Kojima showing off the "real" power of the Sony's Playstation 3 upcoming console to the world. One of those trailers even included a quite exciting explanation of what the Cell (which powers the PS3) would be capable of in the past TGS.

However, the latest screenshots of this highly anticipated game seems to show a noticeable tune down in detail, textures and sharpness.

Check out the screens and post your opinion about this in the comment section.

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zypher5870d ago

i don't know. maybe my eyes aren't as good at picking out every nuance of detail as the next guy, but from what i saw the latest pictures looked just as good as the old ones.

Bill Nye5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

They just look like video captures instead of renders. Most screens are renders, and it makes a game look much more crisp. That's why PS2 screenshots that are released are in such high resolution (see the recent God of War or SOCOM screens).

It's just the way things are. Just watch the 720p trailer for MGS4 and I don't think anyone will really care.

zypher5870d ago

agreed. a quick look at both the past trailers and this current one should lead EVERYONE to the conclusion that they're both of equal quality.

Silverwolf5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

With all due respect, ever since the first video came out (which was awsome example: What followed was downgraded visuals with each passing video release. I have to agree this game has been tune down drastically

Bill Nye5870d ago

Heh. And this is easily explained by what I've already said. As they progress in game development from renders to straight real-time video captures the truth of how the game will actually look on your TV unveils itself. This is true for all games. Why do you guys mod me down for this?

This is even true for, hold your breath, Gears of War (oh, say it isn't so!). Just have a look:

Image from October 2005 (No aliasing, incredible smooth models, crystal clear textures)

Image from May 2006 (noticeable aliasing, lower poly models, texture quality lowered)

Image from July 2006 (still looking good, don't get me wrong)

It's normal.

Go ahead and flame now.

Zoidy5870d ago

The images shown are just screen grabs from the GC2006 video. The video in HD looks awesome, so there has obviously been some loss in quality from that to the screen grabbed image.

dantesparda5837d ago

You're wasting your time, trying to teach these ignoramuses that. They will never understand that what they were first showed were CGI renders, probably even done on the Developer Kit. And therefore not the real thing. And what they are seeing now is the realtime graphics of the game engine

5870d ago
Loudninja5870d ago

Still looks the same to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.