MLB 07: The Show Predicts Outcome of World Series

With the MLB World Series starting tonight, Sony took it up on themselves to see who would win in a simulated event in their PS3 title MLB 07: The Show. Their prediction: the Rockies are going to "stomp" the Red Sox.

"The Rockies will take the first two at Fenway. The Sox respond by taking two of three in Colorado and game six at home to even up the series.

In game seven, with Fogg throwing for the Rockies and Daisuke hurling for the Sox, the Rockies pound out a 9 to 4 win."

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Juneyp154013d ago

Obviously we all know thats not gonna happen... its pretty much the opposite... sox will take first 2 then rockies will tkae 2 out of 3 in there house and the first in fenway and the series ends at game 7 with the red sox coming out on top

cr33ping_death4013d ago

the sox better hope they win the first two games....because the rockies are a really tough team at the mile high stadium.

Juneyp154013d ago

Mile High Stadium was demolished in Late 2001/ Early 2002 they play in Coors Field LMAO

harpua4013d ago

rockies were on fire but that long lay off may have hurt them.