MLB 07: The Show : Great Modes Hampered by Dated Features

An in-depth look at MLB 07 for the PlayStation 3.

"The largest chunk of gameplay involves the online modes with the help of the PlayStation Network and You can join leagues play against friends or find a stranger on the PlayStation Network. There are also community features that allow you to talk with other MLB 07 players from all over the world. Online is where you'll find most of the fun in MLB 07 as the computer AI in the single player season is not as intelligent as a next-gen title should be.

This is a PS2 game ported to the PS3 and it shows in AI, graphics, and control scheme are seemingly unchanged. Even with those faults, MLB 07: The Show still remains the best baseball game on the PS3. It should be checked out not only for the awesome Road to the Show mode but for the online modes as well."

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