Top Ten Most Outrageous Moments In E3 History

gamrFeed: Over the past few years, E3 has seen its fair share of bad moments; sometimes electronics aren't working or maybe a presenter isn't able to make it to the event on time. Sometimes the guys backstage forget to plug something in. But then there are the outrageous moments; moments that either make you fall off your chair in laughter, or shake your head in disgust as you prepare the facepalm. These moments are what gamrFeed will be listing, in no particular order, with videos included showing these outrageous moments where possible. Enjoy.

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BeardedGamerShow2921d ago

I recall the flipside to the Kinect debacle was proving to us that Kinect could indeed see black people.

iamnsuperman2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I am kinda looking forward to seeing the Kinect presentation because they tend to have some cringe worthy moment like last year was the video chat.

Microsoft (mainly not the gaming side) needs to work on its image department. Microsoft as a whole tends to produce this cringey image when it come to there adverts (look at the Windows 7 launch party thing)

OT: good list I am kinda hoping for another outrageous (more embarrassing) moment

I_find_it_funny2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

2010 was full of fun and unexpected moments. I hope 2011 can top that, that's also part of E3 isn't it

WhittO2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

LMAO @ "BAM There it is!!", as if seeing an Avatars feet was some amazing thing in the first place?? haha

l2dusk2920d ago

When they showed the head tracking thing for the video chat i was expecting them to change the camera angle and show us dwarf behind the tv moving the kinect camera around :D

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meetajhu2921d ago

Ridgggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee Racerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

BX812920d ago

Yeah! PS3 + Avatar feet= epic fail!

RedDead2921d ago

"Based on Japanese history"
"Famous battles which actually took place in Japan"
"So here's this giant enemy crab"

......Japan was a violent place

kane_13712921d ago

when after those words the giant crab came out of no where i was like, no, why Genji, the most stupid possible choice which turned NOT exclusive?

but your post just cracked me open.

still, the video is a flaimbait

FishCake9T42921d ago

Its Ridge Racer !
Riddddgggee Racerrrr !!!!

sikbeta2920d ago

Giant enemy crab > riiiidgeeee raaacerrrr


HolyOrangeCows2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

"Uh oh, it's not caribrated ri- I MEAN, Interfrerence! We're having a rittle bit of interfrerence!"

"BAM! There it is!"

"I, uh- used the force to make the character move before I moved......yeah. Same thing for Milo....she used the force to make the water movements go before she did"

"WTF are these ponchos for?"

"Hey guys! Watch this awesome sword/arrow demo that you'll never actually see transfer into an actual game!"

avengers19782920d ago

I am looking forward to E3 for the games, and only the games... Not interested in new consoles, we don't need that yet... I know there is a Wii2, and the next version of the psp, but no ps4 and no 720 or whatever it will be for MS... we don't need that yet. give us a few years, when the techology can actually make us want and or need new consoles. I just dont see the huge improvement in tech right now to justifiy new systems. Though MS could use a bluray drive.

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swirldude2921d ago

WE SENT A MESSAGE, AND THE MESSAGE WAS CLEAR! Sony's 2006 press conference was a riot, for all the wrong reasons!

khuutra2921d ago

Man, I wanted that Skyward Sword demo to go well. I wanted it so badly.

thrasherv32921d ago

It's Ridge Racer!...RIIIIIDGE RACER!

BrianG2921d ago

Giant Enemy Crab.

lol, that was hilarious, based on actual battles that took place.

I also thought Skittles was sort of amusing.

guitarded772921d ago

Very, very exciting!!! Very, very exercise!!!

Ser2921d ago

For some reason, that was very painful to watch.

I felt so bad for both of the guys on

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