Laser Diode Shortage Halts Blu-Ray/HD-DVD War

Only 2 manufacturers out of approximately 10 are reported to be on track to maintain their actual shipments of next gen players due to a shortage of laser diodes

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specialguest5871d ago

what is up with you Thugbot187. seems like you're only out to post negative news about the PS3, even if they're old. are you on a crusade to destroy the PS3? Lol.

xboxlj5871d ago

News is news my dear friend.

Thugbot1875871d ago

LOL, it's hard to find any positive news on the PS3. Anyhow thought this article might explain the delays in productions of PS3.

T-Rac5870d ago

twas a bit weird, he seems to only tick ps3 and industry news with his articles...

I mean if he ticks ps3 how could he not tick 360 as the 360 will be in just as much trouble what with the hd-dvd external drive as the ps3 with the internal drive

but there ya go

Captain Tuttle5870d ago

you don't need the HD-DVD player to play games on the 360. You need that blue laser to play the PS3

Marriot VP5870d ago

NOBODY wants HD movies on blu-ray or hd-dvdd. For the next 5 years HDTV's will only be in less than 20% of homes. It's less than 5% now, so I ask Sony where's the drive. The answer is they think by forcing their format YEARS prematurely into a console they can win the format war.

And if they do who cares, because the consoles life cycle will be almost out and still cost 300-400 in 5 years. Not to mention by that time 4 years from now we'll have the new xbox with a HD drive possibly or a mega HDD.

calderra5870d ago

Plus, out of that 20%, how many are going to have HDMI hookups and true 1080p resolution?

And Blue Laser shortages? Who saw that one coming? Months ago? Heh.

Boink5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

the industry was expecting people to want to upgrade to a next gen movie format around 2008. but because sony and toshiba couldn't agree on a unified format, analysts have now pushed it back to 2010, as people will not want to get stuck with the latest "beta" or "laserdisk" player.

specialguest5870d ago

hahahah laserdics. i remember those, and i know a few people who still have their closet collecting dusk though.

the_bebop5870d ago

Did anyone actaully read the article instead of jumping on the PSZero Sucks and Xflop rulz argument. The way I see this is it is good news for the PS3, bad news for BD, HD-DVD and Mircrsofts HD-DVD external drive.

bung tickler5870d ago

there are shortages.. sany hasnt even started production that equals bad news for sony because no br drive = no ps3, as for xbox they hd addon isnt needed so you can still play games.

the_bebop5870d ago

I know that there are shortages, I didn't say that sony had or had not started production of PS3, Also I don't relly care for Blue Ray and HD-DVD movies but I am okay with the fact that they have the Blue Ray Drive with the PS3.

I guess this could also be some bizzare marketing stratagy by Sony aming at making the other production lines for the HD-DVD look stupid or something.

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