The Witcher 2 Review | Mad Overdose writes: Every once in a while we get a game made by some foreign dudes that comes out and tears new hole in AAA developers’ behinds – Witcher 2 is one of those games. Made by CD Projekt RED, Witcher 2 is an instant RPG classic, taking the first Witcher title and putting it into a blender complete with a new engine, beautifully immersive lands, challenging but rewarding combat system, and tits.

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thereapersson2920d ago

I just don't get excited about games like I used to. This game changes that up immensely.

Close_Second2920d ago

Great game but performs like a pig.

kramun2920d ago

Depends what system you have. Runs well on mine, although I don't have everything on high settings.

Close_Second2920d ago

I have above the minimum specs and even on lowest settings across the board the framerate is less than stellar. First game I have purchased on the PC in the last 12 months that performs this poorly.

BeastlyRig2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

They are releasing the patch today. Hopefully it will help.