How to change background images on game selection ~ PSP handheld

there is a way to change the background image on game selection when you "mouse over" a game. The image is named PIC1.PNG with resolution 480 X 272 px, then we can change the background mentioned with images that fit with your taste

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alexi_6662921d ago

LOL I literally thought everyone knew this considering just about everyone has a hacked PSP.

Joni-Ice2921d ago

I don't. I don't like hacking my hardware.

Inception2921d ago

me too. my psp stil used ofw
and i luv my digital comics collection

Close_Second2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Just sold my PSP Go. Sick of Sony not releasing meaningful updates. Been hanging on for years for an update to the music playback allowing for crossfade and ability to create custom playlists on the device itself. Also, wanted a graphic equalizer, you know all the stuff that makes a great portable media player.

Honestly, the PSP was capable of so much more than Sony will ever let it be.

TheEatingChampagne2921d ago

That's why I sold my PSP 2 years ago and bought a DS lite instead.. I can promise you it's way better...
I dislike Sony and their portables and I will never buy the NGP or anything else they have to offer.. I'd go with the 3DS once it has more games.

P.S I'm not a fanboy that lies that he had a PSP, I'm just an unsatisfied costumer.

Close_Second2921d ago

Well, I sold up and got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7". Its delivering everything I have wanted in a portable device for years:
- great web browser dolphin)
- brilliant sound quality ($hits all over the PSP)
- and native avi/divx/mp4 and mkv video support.