The new PSP model will be available in Europe only (

Earlier during sony conference at gamecom 2011, They reveal A new PSP model without wi-fi. But it has been confirmed that this model will be release on Europe only

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NeoBasch2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

That's a shame. I wonder why. I'd like to see the true source.

Gray-Fox-Type02840d ago

This is one dumb SKU and a plain cash in pathetic really this can go fail like the psp go . Without wifi many features are lost and even more if u have custom firmware. I already have PSP with custom firmware.

Gray-Fox-Type02840d ago

Do we love it how sony,keeps taking features out ..what happen to ps3 backward compatibility...more like take it out so we can sell hd remakes sony fanboys used .

HelghastKid2840d ago

how is this a cash in? they arent phasing out the previous psps just offering a choice. And you saying you have custom firmware just makes whatever you say moot.

xAlmostPro2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Of course it's a cash in but why not, they are a business.

However i think the real reason is to offer a super cheap way for people to maybe experience the psp before the Vita comes, maybe for those who missed out on the games.. who didn't have the spare cash at the time?..

Who knows

Plus wi-fi isn't neccessary i used ad-hoc to play online which will still work.

jaymart2840d ago

Now why would you even want to own a none wi-fi device?

Godchild10202840d ago

I want one because I will only be using it outside the house. Same reason why I want a PSV 3G model. It will mostly will be used outside the house.

Then again I really don't play online on a lot of games, so if I can save 30 dollars and lose a feature that I won't be using, I don't mind.

But seeing how this is only for EU. I will pass and just wait for the Vita. I also like the color and finish.

Jezuz2840d ago

Isn't there wifi at like restaurants and stuff ?

White-Sharingan2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

I would love to buy this version of the PSP, mainly because my current PSP 1000 is not able to read memory sticks anymore, plus the wi-fi doesn't work anymore either. I don't care much about wi-fi (the only online games I played on PSP were Resistance, Wipeout and Twisted Metal). Without the use of memory sticks, I cannot play long titles like Metal Gear Peace Walker, or Birth By sleep (which I'm dying to play). This PSP would fit perfectly for me IMO. Does anyone know if this version is smaller than the past ones? would love a PSP mini.

joffa812840d ago

I think the reason we here in Europe are getting a new PSP model is because we are getting screwed over with a really late PS Vita launch. To be honest I think it's a total disgrace for Sony to think that a new cheap and nasty psp sku makes up for not releasing vita u tip well into next year.

It's an easy way for Sony to cash in while they keep us waiting !!!!

Ddouble2840d ago

The way i see it.

PSP hardly sells in America

PSP's in Japan need Wi-fi because they get the most support and have popular games like Dissidia and Monster Hunter and also Type-0 in couple months that use wi-fi.

That leaves just europe which doesn't have the the support like Japan but the PSP is not dead there like it is in America so they can offer a Wi-fi less version there for the consumer to have more choice.

Also they said in the conference it would be a great entry level device into handheld gaming. I don't think it has anything to do with the late Vita launch. If it was Sony would release a PSP with additional functions not one with functions removed.

Marugo2840d ago

wot psp games do you play online? or is there a 50% chance everyday that when you bring your psp outside you play online/adhoc?

joffa812840d ago

I download lbp levels as well as tracks and karts from mod nation racers and play motorstorm ae online on my psp 2000. I play gran turismo psp online as well a d to do that it requires a ps3, a wifi enabled psp and the ad hoc party program installed on the ps3 console.