Is Modern Warfare 3 Recycling Animations? [PICS]

Now, the actual reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 3 didn’t leave me much to work with, but what I did find out may stir some resentment (or apathy!) of what the newest installment of the franchise has to offer. I could have included the standard running, reloading, and taking cover animations, but I figured that it was pretty standard to keep those in as well. Wouldn’t really hurt Infinity Ward/Raven Software/Sledgehammer Games if they added new animations for those, actually, it’d be quite refreshing if they did, in my opinion.

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Hagaf223676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Ofcourse they are, that's part of the "milk Call of Duty to death" scheme they are working on. Same game different locales.

And it will still be the number 1 selling game for 4 months. Gamers buy this, then complain its the same game. Dont buy the game and make them make a game people want again.

flankhim3676d ago

Why not? People still buy madden every year and they take features out.

Hagaf223676d ago

True. But I don't support Madden or any other annual sports game. Why am I going to pay 60 bucks for a game with new rosters and 2-3 new features. That seems like DLC to me.

badz1493676d ago

that sure says something about average customers' intelligence, doesn't it?

vickers5003676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )


You bring up an interesting point. I constantly see extreme hatred towards Call of Duty and those who buy/enjoy the game on this site, but whenever it comes to the subject of the Maddens and the NCAAs, people don't care, they ignore it and move on.

What makes CoD more deserving of hate than those two franchises? I'm pretty sure they still have that day one dlc crap. I'm also sure both games are just as badly supported as CoD, where CoD has only a few ineffective patch releases, EA charge for the online portion of those two sports franchises and then close the servers for them down in like 2-3 years.

The situations are pretty much equal (unless I'm missing another factor here), so why the extreme hate for CoD but not NCAA or Madden? Why make a big deal about CoD only adding new maps, weapons (both of which, maps and weapons, they add quite a LOT compared to other games), and a few new features (theatre mode, wager matches, gun/character customization) but not make a big deal out of sports games with simple roster changes and a few other features?

If you complain about Call of Duty being rehashed, but buy rehashed sports games, then you are simply a hypocrite.

Why cant you Call of Duty haters simply just treat Call of Duty like you treat NCAA and Madden? Just ignore them. Madden and NCAA games have a place in gaming for those people who like sports games, just as Call of Duty has a place for people who like fast paced, chaotic, arcadey FPS games (of which is pretty much non-existant in the FPS community, fast paced fps games that is, there are very little to no other games that are anywhere near the pace of CoD, therfore CoD remains the only option for people who want a fast paced/arcade style shooter).

QuodEratDemonstrandm3676d ago

Bubbles to Flankhim for the pointed question.
Bubbles to vickers for the intelligent, if a little wordy, answer.

crxss3676d ago

and this is why you get Battlefield 3 this year.

Heartnet3676d ago

True every game series will include same animations/textures models etc.. if an animation looks good why change it lol...

if you can make it look more realistic change it if nto dont complain :)

xalexon3675d ago

@flankhim, vickers
nice strawman, but pointing fingers and saying "haha, he does it too!" doesnt make it right does it?

vickers5003675d ago

"@flankhim, vickers
nice strawman, but pointing fingers and saying "haha, he does it too!" doesnt make it right does it?"

No, it sure as hell doesn't make it right whenever these hypocrites that constantly bash CoD have the gall to continue to bash CoD even though they themselves partake in purchasing the same old rehashed crap sports games over and over again (some even with features taken out I'm told, at least CoD doesn't REMOVE features with each installment).

But I know you meant the actual act of rehashing the games, which if you actually read my post and didn't skim through it, you would know that my point wasn't at all whether or not rehashing games is good or bad, but rather peoples hypocricy towards the whole thing. Basically, if you buy rehashed sports games or don't also complain about/extremely hate sports games as much as you hate CoD, then you are a hypocrite, plain and simple.

Obviously these hypocrites just realized that they are hypocrites since I have not seen a single explanation or response towards my original post. All they can do is cowardly hit the disagree button (or the bubble down button if they really have a lot of life to waste).

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NexusCurb3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )


They should start a COD game with new engine and every thing new so that way we can actually see some "improvements" on graphics, lags etc... because COD franchise is still on its COD4 graphics (that's 2006) with just some crappy and fancy destruction that it is nowhere compared to other games. Or they shouldn't release any other COD until the next gen consoles. But of course that won't be possible because Acitivision want to rip off people, and they know that all the die-hard fans (and blind people) will get it from the first day. So for them it is not bad to make a few billions every year with a copy/paste without having to do any hard work.

Yes, you I might say "probably you will be the first one buying it" yes might buy it, but wanna know the resaon why I MIGHT buy it? Because I know that most of my friends will get it (so a game, online is not so fun if you're not playing with your friends, of course unless you don't play for fun, and take it seriously). But hold on there! Activi$ion I won't be giving you $60, If I buy it, I'll buy it when it is under $30 (used)

-PINNER-3676d ago

I don't understand when it comes to CoD and BF, why so many people argue so agressively for one or the other. If you don't want to buy a game becuase becuase it's animations haven't changed, then don't. Spend your money on what you like. Slowly people will make the same choice based on their own reasons.

I like BF and MAG online way more than I like MW. I've put 200 hrs into BFBC2, and probably a 100 hrs into the last 4 CoD's combined. But, I will still buy MW3 along with BF3 this fall because I enjoy them both. They are different games, but they're both pretty good. I just prefer a more team based game online and there is none better than BF when it comes to team play.

Bottom line no one buys either of these games based on them having new animations. Both games have huge user bases, so why does anyone care who buys or plays either of these games.

And for all of the Madden analogies, it's a stupid comparison because football has a static rule set. There's just not a lot that can be change from year to year. That would be like CoD having only one map, one gun, and new characters each year.

nopunctuation3676d ago

Now we know how they are able to release these games once a year.

Drazz3676d ago

We've known that for quite some time....

HappyGaming3675d ago

By having 2 different teams release a game each every 2 years just like naughty dog release an uncharted game every 2 years...

2 years is more than enough time to make a game it depends on how much effort is put into too and infinity ward probably spend more time and money on advertising campaigns than on making their games...

midgard2273676d ago

Call of duty: Modern Map Pack 20 it should be called because all these cod games are, are map packs priced at 60

AJKanismajoris3676d ago

and every battlefield game isn't and what's the point in a sequel if it's completely different??

ZombieNinjaPanda3676d ago


Battlefield has only improved with each iteration.

xalexon3675d ago

BF3 looks nothing like any of the bad company games to come out. And theres nothing wrong with a sequel so long as they actually put some effort into improving SOMETHING

NoobSessions3676d ago

If I dont notice...
then it doesnt make any difference to me.

FOXDIE3675d ago

Agreed with #1, I dont understand why people keep buying these 60$ DLC, when Valve + many other developers support their games and give you free stuff long after their game releases!

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Nitrowolf23676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Yup just another re-skin
they don't even bother using new animations

disturbing_flame3676d ago

The new engine have been designed for this generation for COD 4 by Infinity Ward, since COD 4 it's the same game.

death2smoochie3676d ago

Same game...same crap...same ol same ol.
They will keep doing this until people stop buying into this tired ass franchise.