IGN: MX vs. ATV Alive Review

IGN: "When it comes to racing, MX vs. ATV Alive is fun and calls for serious skill. The reset mechanics are aggravating, but I generally had a great time both on and offline.

Unfortunately, most of the content here is imprisoned by a nonsensical unlock structure that requires immense repetition to get at. The only alternative is to pay extra money to unlock everything at once. Furthermore, with no tournaments in place, every event here is a single race and not a series.

MX vs. ATV Alive is plenty of fun, but not nearly as complete or polished as other racers released during this generation."

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MidnytRain2917d ago

I hope Gran Turismo 6 will have motocross. If it does, then it will be in a complete package and not done skimpily like this.