Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack Q&A

Planet Battlefield writes: "Battlefield 3 Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan "Demize99" Kertz has been busy answering questions on twitter about the recently announced BF3 Physical Warfare Pack. Below are some of the more interesting responses. The Battlefield Blog and twitter have also stated Battlefield 3 preorder bonus items for other countries will be coming soon."

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mll092922d ago

Seems like they're making somewhat of an effort to make multiplayer perfectly balanced... hopefully this will continue. From my experience it's been easy to tank-whore, but I've only really played 1943 and Bad Company 1.

NicSage2922d ago

So what I just read from this is, the pack enables you to shoot through walls, it's only exclusive in Europe as well. If European players are allows to play on US Servers this is total BS.

Jack-H2922d ago

I don't see what there is in your comment that they are disagreeing with, but ok. Yeah that wouldn't make much sense if they put us together.

Tempist2922d ago

Isn't all warfare physical? They need to get better names for these above average editions of the games.

MWong2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Sounds good, I really want to know what kits they will have and full gear, gadgets & weapon options.

Interesting that they are going to keep Mag Ammo, remove EXPLMK-2 & Body Armor.