Gamerstorm Review: L.A. Noire

Gamerstorm's George writes:

"Previous to its release, whatever information that could be got hold of on the subject of L.A. Noire was such solid gold that if this game was anything other than amazing it would be a disappointment. Its trailers (not to mention the title of the game itself) promised the same film-noir-inspired action, intensity and drama that made me fall in love with last year’s Heavy Rain, which to this day I retain is the best game ever made, and if the mention alone of the three words ‘Rockstar Games Presents’ emblazoned across the front cover of a game’s case doesn’t basically spell ‘This game is going to be really good’ for you then I would point you in the way of 2008’s Grand Theft Auto IV, and then for many 2010’s-game-of-the-year Red Dead Redemption, without any doubt at all that after a reminder of how good those two games were you would be looking forward to L.A. Noire yourself. Given the high quality of just about everything you can fit on to a disc of this year in general, it seemed only right for L.A. Noire to be amazing. Come the 20th of May (the UK release date) I did something I have not done in a long, long time; went out and purchased the game for the full retail price of £40. Such was my confidence that Rockstar would deliver, I had no issue with emptying out my wallet for what would surely be this year’s best game. Find out what I think of L.A Noire after the jump."

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Tortilla2917d ago

Great game that really has the wow factor. I love it...but it does get a little bit samey after a few cases

Georgeshine2917d ago

There's a line in the film 'Adaptation' where the main character Charlie Kaufman is told at a lecture about screenwriting that if you get the ending of a story right, it doesnt matter what comes before. In the case of L.A. Noire I feel that this describes the situation perfectly. There are many boring sections, many flaws, and its not all it should be, but its visuals and original detective sections coupled with an ending that blew me away are what secured a very tenuous 8 in my opinion, only inches above a 7.

Anyway hope you liked the review.

hiredhelp2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

then do some side missions. once you in arson it gets abit more intresting