The evolution of handheld gaming – The NGP.

Jamie Stephens from writes 'The NGP represents a change of philosophy for Sony Computer Entertainment. Not only is the NGP a powerful upgrade to the original PSP, but it opens up a lot of creative opportunities for developers and gamers. In this article I will be explaining exactly what sets the NGP apart from its competition and some announcements we can expect at next month’s Sony E3 press conference.'

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TOO PAWNED2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

On paper NGP sounds like pure win, however it's success will mostly depend on launch price.
EDIT: My dream price would be 250 euro, but I know that is asking too much lol

a_bro2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

not just price, but games, and how it takes advantage of the system as a whole.

I still believe we will see a $250 wifi-only version.

EDIT: BTW the reason why i say $250 is because sony is purchasing all these parts on from the shelf.

aside from that, im going to get it either way.

stealth500k2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

believe you are insane........... (just in terms of this)

The lowest this will be is 300 dollars.

My feeling is 300-350 for the wifi only and 350-400 for the 3g.

But I agree if the ngp has great original games in all genres like the psp had. It will sell 65+ million units like the psp has

egidem2916d ago

I agree with a_bro. Price won't justify for the people to buy the NGP. The games matter as well. I hope Sony can deliver on this end as the NPG has lots of potential.

I too hope for a wifi only version. That would be awesome. I guess we'll have to wait and see at the long E3 press conference!

TOO PAWNED2916d ago

The reason why I didn't mention games is because we already saw that they will have strong lineup. We don't know the price though

forevercloud30002916d ago

My bet says that the NGP will debut at 299 with the higher end version being 349-400. I think 300 is the sweet spot of price points for them at the moment. Its very reasonable for both Sony and gamers all the while making it competitive with the 3DS.

The 3DS is struggling at market right now, if this continues it might actually give NGP a fighting chance. I think its because people realize how prejudice they were to the PSP for trivial reasons. PSP has just as many if not more high rated games than the DS(DS has 3times as many games but most of them SUCK! just like the Wii's library).

Now the NGP rectifies many issues of the first one that had people complaining and it wont be the only expensive handheld this time as well.

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Habylab2916d ago

Hopefully they get it out this year, at an affordable price. Otherwise it might not start quick like the PSP looked to have. Nice article by the way, lengthy compared to some front page articles you find on here!

supremacy2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Yes this a very good article indeed. I wonder though the ngp does have two other things the guy forgot to mention.

Microphone and a new media format for low to no loading times which also saves battery life.

People are always mentioning the games issue as if Sony doesnt know this is a critical issue they have to address. This is even after the fact, 80+ publishers/developers announced their support for the platform at its PlayStation meeting reveal.

lol this device will have games just like the overlookd psp with its library of games. The psp in my opinion had more original content than the DS and gameboy advance before it. I mean no one here ever complains about Nintendo using and porting a lot of the same "old"games over and over again.
Instead they praise that like its fresh and innovative content, yet whenever Sony does something similar, its suddenly back to the having no games topic.
When a remake of a mega man x game (at least to me)is no different than an n64 port with added touchscreen features. At the end of the day they are the same old games with the same old storylines and characters in place which make up for a rehashed game sold at the price of a new game. "Overkill"

Psn+PlayStation suite support means that even if there happens to be a draught of games for the platform initially. There will still be replemish with fresh content to hold many gamers waiting for specific releases.
Another thing to add to this, its the fact Sony is indeed paying attention and listening to its userbase and responding accordingly via its PlayStation share community.
I mean things like slight psn improvments and two analog sticks come from this and so are... believe it or not, psp remasters which should also be compatible with the ngp in the near future.
So all in all the ngp will have content and its something that should not be of concern (at least thats my opinion)to people at all.

Moving onto the price now, many believe because Sony has some pretty spec under the hood, that the ngp will and have to be expensive in order for Sony to make a profit.

However everything that makes development easy on the ngp, also makes it cheaper for Sony in terms of earnings and losses.
Unlike the ps3, the ngp uses common parts known to a lot of the development houses, meaning this thing isn't as complex to develop for nor as expensive as many are lead to believe.

Sony themselves even have stated numerous times that they didn't want another ps3 in referrence to this hot issue,thus making the ngp the first step to this change going forward.

Advance. Superior. PlayStation.

darthv722916d ago

in the day and age of making things smaller for convenience it is nice to see some things that make use of their size.

Screen size makes a difference in the playability of the unit. If it had a smaller screen I dont think I would be as excited.

MGRogue20172916d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on one. :)

stealth500k2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

its the same exact psp strategy

Put out the more powerful handheld

the psp did very well

So should this if it has a great original library in lots of different genres like the psp had


When did the ngp get a second screen and 3d? So it cant do what the 3ds/ds can do

It can do mobile games like the 3ds will be able to.

What will set this a part is the original games. If it has original games like the psp had in differnet genres it will be great

Galvanise_2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I think there is more to it than that. The NGP will do the powerful games again, but it will also be able to do DS games and mobile phone games. It really is an all in one device.

It doesn't do 3D, but it can do DS games. Even better probably, because you don't technically need to get in the way of the screen to interact with it while using touch.

Until Nintendo announces something along the lines of PlayStation Suite, the 3DS will not be able to do mobile gaming and mobile apps like the NGP will.

Calm down chap.

Habylab2916d ago

I have to agree. Sony really have gone all out, but cleverly not used the 3D tech they have heavily marketed for the PS3 - a smart move, recognising it just won't work on handhelds.

soren2916d ago

that makes no sence what so ever plays ds typ games better then ds? how when it has one screen ? if its touch screen ur gona get in the way of the game point blank how can psp2 be able to not get in the way of the screen when it only has one touch screen? i seen them play uncharted and guess what? it got in the way cus u had to touch the guy and with the ds only few games u were geting in the way like zelda and such i dono how u think one screen wont get in the of interaction but 2 does?

supremacy2916d ago

Not only that, but things like trophies and dual analog sticks does seperate the ngp from the psp while making a big difference in gaming than 3D.

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