Rare: Is Microsoft Really to Blame for Ruining Them?

Gameplay Today's AJ Lysiak looks at the state of Rare and if Microsoft is really to blame for the famed developer going from making hits like Donkey Kong Country to motion-controlled titles and XBLA ports.

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NYC_Gamer4810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

not really because most of the original team left before MS brought them

Nitrowolf24810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

I think the team was dead just before MS bought them. As you said many left as Nintendo were preparing to sell them. I think they just lost there way towards the end of Nintendo ownership.
I don't think MS is to blame for it.
For Nintendo this was a Financial problem thats why they were sold off.
For most not many of the original devs were at Rare Anymore before the sale.

Nintendo sold a dieing studio and MS got RARE names.

Finger-Eater4810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and bolts cant even compare to the original on N64.

captain-obvious4810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

buying rare was a waste of money
instead they should have bought some other good developer like bioware when they where available
or even better
make new ones

lastdual4810d ago

Yeah, the minds behind most of Rare's classics were already gone before MS made the purchase.

Too bad, as that was one heck of a team, but like other legendary developers that died off (Black Isle, Looking Glass Studios...), they're just a fond memory now, although I'm sure some of the members are off doing their own new things.

Godmars2904810d ago

MS firing the rest and now laying off the entire art department certainly hasn't helped things.

And yet if Killer Instinct is announced people will go crazy. Even though there will literally be nothing to support that excitement besides Rare's gutted name.

HolyOrangeCows4810d ago

Rare = Part of Microsoft

So, honestly, you're asking if Microsoft is to blame for Microsoft.

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BeaRye4810d ago

Do you spend all your time in ignorance Gunshot? Rare was and is a shell of itself. MS didnt ruin it. Nintendo let thier shares go because Rare was already dying.

afterMoth4810d ago

Exactly, Nintendo let them go as they weren't going to produce anything of value. Sure enough they've completely sucked ass this generation.

jonlynch4810d ago

I'm sorry, what!? First, I like all Rare games including Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Second, Rare wasn't ruined by Microsoft.

Persistantthug4810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

Yes, it is true, alot of the talent left after MS bought RARE.

But isn't it the parent company's responsibility to replenish and nurture said company back to health?

Isn't it up to MICROSOFT's power to get them back on the right track, and provide them what they need so that their CREATIVE MUSCLE can get flexed and exercised back into shape?

If Microsoft had a clue on how to do this said nurturing, then one of the Greatests developers in history wouldn't be a shell of itself today.

That's why Bungie got on the first thing smokin to get the hell away from Microsoft As soon as possible, and it shows Microsofts ineptitude regarding game development.

Some things, money just can't buy.

LeXxXiNgToN4810d ago

I agree, MS is sitting on some of the greatest I.P.s in gaming (perfect dark, Conker Bad fur day, Killer Instinct, Jet Force Gemini) But instead of hiring new talent and restoring these I.P.s to there past greatness, MS has Rare working on avatars and motion games that everyone will forget about in a few years.

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eggbert4810d ago

They were dead before Microsoft acquired them.

Microsoft just shafted themselves over by paying such an extraordinary amount for a now mediocre team. Nintendo executives probably had their trollfaces on during deal day.

Persistantthug4810d ago

"Nintendo executives probably had their trollfaces on during deal day."

That was funny....bubble worthy.

Thanks for that.

ShyGuy134810d ago

They made good games even after MS bought them. So, no.

MasterD9194810d ago

I think Perfect Dark Zero ruined them...I bought it for 4 bucks and still feel ripped off.