A new Donkey Kong Country is the game 2022 needs

The Donkey Kong Country series was last seen in 2014. With the advent of the Nintendo Switch, it's time for a return to the spotlight.

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XbladeTeddy120d ago

Donkey Kong needs to go 3D, he's too restricted to what he can do in 2D. Hope Nintendo do for Donkey Kong what they're doing for Kirby.

septemberindecember119d ago

That already happened in the 90's lol

XbladeTeddy119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Well they need to bring the 3D back.

septemberindecember119d ago


Yeah, I definitely agree there. DK64 was my first ever home console game.


What the heck are you guys disagreeing with? Did Donkey Kong 64 not exist to you guys?

Terry_B120d ago

Release HD Remakes of Donkey Kong Country 1-3 and a Remake of the classic Donkey Kong as well.

LWOGaming119d ago

I loved the Donkey Kong games and Tropical Freeze is brilliant. I would certainly like to see a new game this year.

Einhander1971119d ago

Yes please probably won't happen though.

119d ago
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