Star Raiders Review (Gameplay Today)

GPT: "Star Raiders is the latest in a line of digital remakes from Atari. The original was a simple space flight combat title. The remake has a lot in common with sections of Star Fox 64 that are not on rails. In Star Raiders you'll always be flying in an area of space that is dark, bland and filled with the same three mission objectives. Each of the missions is split into lettered levels with A being the primary. If any change up in the normal course of action is to occur it will be in the A stages. B and C for the most part are like a review before an exam. Most of these stages involve the player shooting down a select number of Zylons, destroying a Zylon frigate or cruiser, or recovering an artifact."

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charlescox42919d ago

I had this on the original Atari 2600 with the big number pad controller add-on where you slid the button covers on. That game was horrible and it looks like this version 30 years later is just as bad.

Raichu502919d ago

This game looks like watered down star fox