E3 2011 Crystal Ball Predictions: Microsoft

via Joe Haygood at Aeropause Games

"Last year was considered by most, a less than stellar year when it came to the E3 press conference for Microsoft. Sure they had the Kinect, and they gave away the new S model 360 to all in attendance, but there was no energy from the audience for most of the conference. So what does Microsoft do to get the hardcore faithful satisfied with their console and Kinect, but still find a way to appease the casual gamer? You find games that use the new device, but carry name brands synonymous with the core faithful. But there should also be announcements that add to the dashboard, as well as the user interface experience with Kinect. So read on to see what I think Microsoft will have to show all of us at their E3 conference this year."

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stonecold32923d ago

cant see kindgom hearts 3 no way not with nomura working onthe project it will be more realistic to be on ps3 than 360 and we see how ff games sell as for batman i think it would be silly but then again batman sold more on ps3 couldnt see it happen unless botth version both have dlc

zeal0us2923d ago

M$ need to go and start working with steam, games for windows live getting a little old and somewhat annoying no offense.

Kon2922d ago

GfWL sucked since day one. It is a horrible service. I wished MS could do something more like Steam, because it is so annoying to use GfWL.

Tr10wn2922d ago

Yeah because steam was soo good on their first days right? lol i remember those time that steam alone consume half of your pc memory and was using 20% of your cpu all the time, oh and that day on a LAN party when someone was having problem with steam and decide to format his pc and after he format his pc somehow steam was still installed... yeah steam was the bomb since day one lol

KeiserSosay47882922d ago

@ Tr10wn

But Steam doesn't suck now...that's the point. GFWL STILL sucks and will probably continue to suck.

Tempist2922d ago

Moar Connect. Moar casual!

I mean who else are they going to focus on? CHILDREN!

awiseman2922d ago

It is annoying me now. This Kinect kiddy garbage is replacing our real games.

AngelicIceDiamond2922d ago

Sure the hell is they're screwing us bro every single one of us.

Tempist2921d ago


AngelicIceDiamond2922d ago

Yep More Kinect and screwing the core fanbase that made the Box what it is. No new Ip's announce just third party suff then when its all said and done I'll possibly be buying a brand new PlayStation because they're serious about exclusive games and innovative Ip's.

Now thats what gonna happen at Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference (:

Can yall tell I'm pissed at Microsoft....

ASSASSYN 36o2922d ago

Yeah I can tell you are pissed. Your comment history says as much, wtf is the difference now. You hate kinect don't buy it, you hate the lack of Xbox exclusives then don't play Xbox. Last microsoft e3 disturbed you then dont watch this one. You are always pissed. You need a new hobby if gaming causes you emotional stress. From what I have seen you are a petulant person. Good luck with that.

AngelicIceDiamond2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Yeah u are right I'm always shoutin out on forums pretty angrily. Everything is so Kinect focused nothin wrong with Kinect just announce some new Core exclusives along with it besides gears Forza Halo stuff I guess a little bit of originality. Announce Kinect games with core games do both and they'll rule the world. But you're comment has calmed me to my original state a wake up call of sorts thanks bro

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