Halo DS petition

Halo DS would be a wonderful thing; especially considering the wi-fi multiplayer possibilities. So if you agree but feel powerless to make your opinion felt, it might be a good idea to sign the Halo DS petition. There aren't many signatures yet, but your vote might help change that - BELIEVE! (oh yes, we went there).

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Marty83704016d ago

DS has crap hardware, it's not good for FPS. The idea of Halo on DS is pointless.

marcellizot4016d ago

"DS has crap hardware"

Erm, I think there about 36 million people that would beg to differ...

Also, have you played Metroid Prime Hunters? Proof that a FPS can work on handhelds and the controls on the DS are much better suited to FPS games than the PSP's.

PS360WII4015d ago

yea you really never played the DS if you think that way. DS is a perfect fit for fps. The combo of the D-pad and stylist makes for a very fluid game, and to marcellizot that's actually 50 million people that would beg to differ. While the DS is not PSP it certainly does a whole lot that the PSP can't do. PSP can do FPS but not as well as DS.

marcellizot4015d ago

Is it really 50 million it's up to now? Wow, I really ought to have known that :)

Cheers for the heads up on that.

socomnick4015d ago

Just because people buy a product dont mean its not crap. people bought the pinto back in the day and dude that car was crap. Ds is a nice handheld though the wii Is crap.

PS360WII4015d ago

heh normally I'd disagree with you and say something but in this case you still gave props to the DS so here here ^^

Charlie26884015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

WOW the petition is SO poorly made its incredible!

Come on people if you want a Halo DS I dont think you should be asking someone at IGN for it, at least ask MS since the OWN the Halo IP


skarn: no, MS owns the Halo IP that was one of the key things when they split, Bungie will make the games, MS would lend the IP. Why do you think when they were asked if they were making Halo 4 for the PS3 they said that since MS had the IP rights it was not gonnan happened, and you REALLY think MS would let Bungie leave with the Halo IP?

skarn4015d ago

Technically Bungie owns it but at least if it's on a news site it would probably get more recognition than it would by getting ignored on one of the corporate web sites..

Not going to happen either way IMO so what's the point.

Boink4015d ago

is the front page space wasted with a petition?

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The story is too old to be commented.