Gamespot: Dirt 3 Review

Dirt 3 improves and builds upon its superb predecessor at just about every opportunity. The new multiplayer modes and gymkhana events are great additions, and if you're interested primarily in traditional racing disciplines, it has more than twice as many routes to race in more varied weather conditions and in an even greater selection of vehicles. The option to upload replays to YouTube isn't as exciting as it could be, given that you're limited to 30 seconds and there's no other way to save them, but this is a small blemish in an otherwise superb game. Whether you're a veteran of the Dirt series and the long-running Colin McRae Rally series that preceded it, or someone looking for a way into off-road racing, Dirt 3 is the game you should be playing.

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Schism202923d ago

Definitely thinking of buying this game it looks like a lot of fun.

Max_Dissatisfaction2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

This game is currently in the Top 5 highest rated Racing games this gen
1. Forza 3 92
2. Forza 2 90
3. NFS HP 89 (PS3 X360)
4. Dirt 3 88 (X360 PS3)
5. PGR 3 88 (X360)

Someone once told me 360 was the shooters console...*glances at top 5 RACING games this gen*...uh huh.

earbus2923d ago

Sweet stuff i agree max.

RockmasteR2923d ago

Gamespot does always give the best reviews out there ;)