The Gaming Effect Review: Beyond Good and Evil HD

An excerpt: "Beyond Good and Evil HD stands up as a decent game and is worth the low price you will pay on XBLA. As a cult classic however, it struggles to hold its place. The story and characters are simplistic, and the streamlined gameplay hinders the experience. While it can be lauded for attempting to include various genres and doing an acceptable job of it, the only core mechanic that is polished to the level it should be is the photography element. The other core mechanics, such as combat or stealth, have too many flaws to be called great. If you buy this game hoping for a lost classic then you are going to be disappointed, but if you buy it looking for a good adventure with a long history and a devoted fanbase, then it will fill your needs quite nicely."

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antiAntag0nist2922d ago

This review is more than a little late to be relevant.

Whitefeather2922d ago

I think the reviewer wrote this at this time since Beyond G&B HD is just about to come out on ps3