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"So we all went out and bought the Kinect for the holidays and helped Microsoft break the Guinness World Record for the fastest selling consumer electronics device of all time by racking up more than eight million units sold in the first sixty days of retail. But what are we supposed to do with it? Sales mean nothing to me, as gamers tend to care more about the product itself and how much fun we can potentially get out of it than how much money a developer was able to rake in. Kinect Adventures was both free and fun, but unless you have a group of friends over, it really isn’t a title you are likely to spend a lot of time with. Many gamers felt let down by the seventeen games that were available with Kinect’s release and were forced to look toward the horizon in hopes of a brighter tomorrow. So what is coming?" via Ryan Strain from Platform Nation.

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DarkTower8052920d ago

You knew what you were getting when you bought your Kinect, so don't complain.

VINNIEPAZ2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Maybe we should wait till E3 to see what they have lined up. I wish my Kinect and Move had more games but like my Wii its one of those things you just have to wait every couple of months for something good to play.


Oh shut the hell up. Dont you Sony elitists ever get full on your own BS. If you hate gaming and hope any system fails then go take up another hobby. If you really loved playing video games you wouldn't wish bad on any system. Why do you want the thing you suppose to like fail? GTFO

EDIT - Well I'm glad to hear that, seraphemz, but maybe you should have a little more hope. Some years will be better than others. Either way hope everybody has something good to show.

Seraphemz2920d ago

Common theme with microsoft...."wait till E3" then...let down!

Seraphemz2920d ago

Easy there... I didnt say that I wanted Xbox to fail. I just said that its a common theme to get all hyped up for E3 then you get let down. Last year it was all hyped up for "Project Natal" then when it was announced to be Kinect, people were dissapointed with the games and features.
Im not an elitist lol... I love gaming, and I think that there is a place for all 3 systems.
I just think that Kinect was a huge let down and people hyped it up.

AAACE52920d ago

WOW... I'm surprised the post wasn't attacked by fanboys! They'll be here soon enough i'm sure.

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Tony P2920d ago

For better or worse, they're hard at work on Kinect titles. Of that there can be little doubt.

mynd2920d ago

I might be wrong but aint there already been 5 games launched this year for it?

Fantastic Pets, MJ, Yoostar 2, Carnival Games & Body and Brain.

I didnt say they were good games. Just games.

gypsygib2920d ago

I think everyone knew Kinect wouldn't have any games with even a modicum of substance.

You bought it to show off how cool it is, you had to know that it wouldn't be fun for very long though.