Hey, Guys... The NGP! Remember? []

With all this craziness surrounding the PSN security breach, many seem to have forgotten the other big Sony elephant in the room... the NGP!

Glitchy Tasty's jayce Diaz talks about what we know of Sony's new wonder machine, and what we can expect at E3 2011

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Just_The_Truth2706d ago

The NGP is a true next-gen handheld can't wait for E3.

Misterhbk2706d ago

I can't wait for the NGP. Already got 200 down on it. Waiting for the official price to pay off the rest.

f7897902705d ago

You will need another $100. Even if it is only $250 you will still need to buy a game.

DA_SHREDDER2706d ago

did they announce the phone version yet? I dont see why it even has 3g if there is no phone service?

Misterhbk2706d ago

The 3G will be there for the app fiend people
And for grabbing saves off of cloud while
On the go.

f7897902705d ago

Do you really want to have to carry around your psp everywhere you go because it is your phone? What a pain in the ass that would be.

jujubee882706d ago

In response to the title.

I am a fanatic of the NGP (aka PSP2)! I have not forgotten about the device for more than a day since it was announced.

Call it sad. I call it DETERMINATION!

jayceface2705d ago

I'm excited for it simply as a gamer. I love to see the fresh ideas and all around good vibes from a fresh new console.

jujubee882705d ago

I guess that one person who disagreed thinks of me as a sad individual.

Oh well, the fact is that the NGP/PSP2 is liked by more people than those that hate it in this case. That is a fact.

: D

akaFullMetal2705d ago

We haven't for got, we are just waiting patiently for news, and for release date, which I hope is this year.

PSWe602705d ago

we haven't forgotten you our little friend. We've just been a bit busy. E3 2011 is going to OWN!!!

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