Joystiq: BioShock Infinite Preview: Tears in the Sky-line

Joystiq: "Booker! Booker! Gold!," Elizabeth cries out, holding up what appears to be a valuable figurine of George Washington, found amidst the various red, white and blue offerings at Notion's Sundries and Novelties. "That's gold like I'm the kind of England," former Pinkerton agent, and player character, Booker Dewitt responds. It's a charming back-and-forth, and the beginning of a lengthy pre-E3 demo for Bioshock Infinite, Irrational's city-in-the-sky followup to BioShock.

The first thing you may notice is obvious: Booker speaks. "You're a character in this game unlike the previous BioShock games," Irrational Creative Director Ken Levine tells an audience of game writers. The "level" we're seeing is about a third of the way through the game and "it's still pretty early in that relationship, how you two interact with each other," Levine says."

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trainsinrdr2918d ago

whats with all the bioshock infinite threads?

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What's the release date for this?

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cant wait to see more of this.