Why White Knight Chronicles II Includes Original Game

Siliconera: "When a game publisher releases a sequel, even if the ending has a cliffhanger, it’s usually a standalone game. (See .hack) Level-5 and Sony bucked the trend with White Knight Chronicles and included a remastered version of Leonard’s original adventure as part of White Knight Chronicles II. Why?"

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athmaus2924d ago

That is actually really cool!

WildArmed2923d ago

Aye, they even went and changed the game-play mechanics for the first WKC to match WKC2.
Good on them :D

Otheros002924d ago

OLD!!! Everybody knows about it since last year.

despair2924d ago

lol I was going to post the same thing, this is really old news. But still its good to be reminded..too bad the trophies for the first game won't be included, not that I could get many of them.

coryok2924d ago

this is actually why i havnt bought the first wkc, i was leaning towards buying it quite a long time ago but heard that the second will include the first so i decided to wait and have this justify a day one purchase for me :) thats like two games for 30$ each!! lol

shadowknight2032924d ago

why put news on n4g when it was obviously a duplicate story. you only get like 20-50 hits tops here on this site for a game not in the mainstream

opinska2922d ago

? White Knight Chronicles 2 will have the first game?
man, count me inn! :)