Strange Countdown Clock on Developer's Website that could be Halo:CE HD

A countdown clock counting down from 117 days that could be counting down for a Halo: HD release, has appeared on a website of a shell developer of Bungie maybe 434 Industry's doings as it started with 117 days to go which is the Master Cheif's service tag. Under the clock is a looping message stating Please Wait... Incoming Transmission... Reviving Distress Signal... this could be relating to the Pillar of Autumn from Halo Combat Evolved.

The countdown is set to end on 10th anniversary of Halo:CE


Spelling - 434 Industries

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AngelicIceDiamond2919d ago

PLease Tell me a reason why I should spend 60$ on a remake of the first Halo Game Knowing I can plug in my Original xbox and play it please someone tell me...

rockbottom30762919d ago

Halo CE HD now with more flood!!!

lochdoun2919d ago

It WON'T be $60.
$30-$40 for a fantastic game with updated graphics.
And hopefully they'll throw in Halo 2 as well.

AngelicIceDiamond2919d ago

Updated Graphics?... I can get that by buying a a remake of old game on the XBLA.

artsaber2919d ago

The 1st two Halos were the best games in the series IMO.Several great games of the past were limited by tech of its times, etc. Where ideas and vision may have exceeded capability.

metsgaming2919d ago

didn't they shut down the servers for the original xbox? I heard only a few people played halo 2 and they dropped the server and there was articles about it awhile back.

SixZeroFour2918d ago

-yes, they did drop the original xbox live servers
-no, not only a few ppl played halo 2, there was plenty of ppl playing halo 2 before the servers got dropped and it was the #1 top live activity game for the original xbox games up until the servers dropped
-the article you are prolly talking about was the last 12 or so ppl that continued to play halo 2 AFTER the servers got dropped...they were able to continue playing even after the servers were gone as long as they didnt quit the match or turn off their xboxes

user8586212919d ago

Why should I buy ps2/psp games remastered knowing I can play them on my ps2/psp please somebody explain to me

Giant_Chibi2919d ago

Because it will be in 1080p resolution with anti-aliasing and it will have ps3 exclusive content, the game will be transferable between psp to ps3, it will have 3d support and the most important feature of all, a second analog stick through DUALSHOCK 3 SUPPORT.

I know you're question may have been rhetorical, but hey, you asked.

Menech2919d ago

Remastered PS2 games are often in 720p on the PS3.

If you want 1080p you need PCSX2 for the PC, and before people go "WHINE PIRACY" I own the original PS2 and games I just play them with updated graphics.

RockmanII72918d ago

I think it's more for people who didn't get the game on PS2/PSP and would rather play the upgraded version than the original.

tplarkin72919d ago

Commence Halo shovel-ware. Sequels should always stop at number three.

Giant_Chibi2919d ago

But, by that logic, we would have never gotten resident evil 4.

user8586212919d ago

and we wouldnt have got ff7 9 or 10

Convas2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Great! Won't be seeing you in God of War 4 or Metal Gear Solid 5 threads then right?

SixZeroFour2918d ago

kinda curious as to what your favorite series is now

RockmanII72918d ago

No Super Mario games after Super Mario Bros. 3
No Legend of Zelda after Link to the Past
No GTA after GTA3 (No Vice City/San Andreas)
No Mega Man after Mega Man 3 (No X series)

The list goes on

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guigsy2919d ago

The same reason people bought the Resident Evil or MGS Twin Snakes for the Gamecube.

The fact that Halo CE didn't have online multiplayer would be a big incentive to remake it. Plus the obvious graphical leap (if they intend to convert it to the Reach engine).

SonyNGP2919d ago

Don't. Nobody's forcing you to do so.

LocO_o2919d ago

Halo: CE redun on the Reach Engine and online multipayer : )

Solidus187-SCMilk2919d ago

Im not really excited about it but I would actually consider buying it if it has online multiplayer and online co-op.

I always loved halo 1 multiplayer on xbox but it didnt have online. Playing online vs my friends who I used to play split screen halo 1 with would be pretty sweet.

otherZinc2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I'll gladly pay $60, especially if:

Online campaign co-op is in
Online multi-player is in
Firefight Mode is in

This would be well worth $60!

Muffins12232919d ago

re ramped graphics,more features(4 player co-op) more missions or different missions compared to last ones.New features.Vie it in theater.And have a whole new multi-player.

lategamer2918d ago

Updated Graphics, Online Co-Op, Achievements, and Classic Xbox Live Multiplayer? (I would assume they would put those in, if not fail, unless it contains some new Reach mappacks ala ODST)

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hoolesy2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Omg please yes. Make it so. Bit not just an HD uprate. We want the Reach polygons all over halo! Imagine the Silent Cartographer's beach or the Control Room's vast snowy banshee flying. Bring it on!!

Raven_Nomad2919d ago

I cannot wait! It turns a mediocre year for 360 core fans into an amazing year. Halo CE and Gears Of War 3... Who could ask for more? Would love to play some Halo CE online!

LocO_o2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"It turns a mediocre year for 360 core fans into an amazing year"

You should also change your mediocre football team or send an email to the GM asking him to fire Flaco.

Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raven_Nomad2919d ago

Ya, I wish my team could blow the best record in the NFL year after year.

How many SuperBowls have the Pats won since they got caught cheating? Oh yeah, zero.

As for my team, I hardly call 3 straight playoff appearances and 4 playoff road wins "Mediocre". I seem to remember the Ravens STOMPING the Patriots two years ago in New England.

I will take a 25 year old Flacco over a 35 year old Brady any day kiddo.

AngelicIceDiamond2919d ago

See nobody can tell me its ridiculous. Its a HUUUUGE waste of time and money Make Halo 4 and I'll buy that. A Halo 1 remake is a way to steal you're money.

Munky2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Don't buy it then, it's that simple. The millions of fans that do want this game will buy it.

AngelicIceDiamond2919d ago

Fair enoough a Halo 4 is more worth an announcment than a simple remake but I'll agree with you're comment.

Munky2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

We don't even know what this countdown is for yet, it might even be for H4. One thing is for sure, Halo:CE HD and Halo 4 are coming eventually and as a Halo fan (not just games but fiction) I'm very happy.

CherryLu-Chan2919d ago

Dear Lord this has made me excited.

One of my top 5 games ever, with a potential remake. I'm excited to see if they can conjour the same magic that the original exuded, how they can push it further with new polish and sparkle.

And announcing it 117 days early. Perfect.

Can't wait. Really can't wait! ^-^

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