Girl Gamers: WoW Edition

We interviewed multiple female and male WoW players and found some pretty interesting results when looking at the comparisons. It seems the days of male dominance in the gaming industry are a thing of the past, which in our opinion, is pretty awesome. Here’s what we found out about our fellow lady gamers and why we think more girls should get into gaming:

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admiralthrawn872921d ago

my gf is a guild leader and one of the best healers i've ever seen

NerdsPwn2921d ago

Damn, in WoW the only thing better than that would be if she was a Tank. Insta-Queues ftw.

admiralthrawn872921d ago

she's actually working on a tank as well. i couldnt tank. too much responsibility lol

hiredhelp2921d ago

Dont under estimate the power of girl power.
My misses beats my ass on driving games. Is good at fps games thoe never goes online she shood.