Bonus Round: Episode 504: E3 2011 Preview - Part 4: Third Party Games

GT: This is the E3 2011 Preview. Now that Nintendo's next gen console is slated to be announced – what exactly will it be and is it the leap Nintendo needs to stay in the console war? What about Sony's NGP? Will their handheld be the focus of their E3 press conference? Also, what does Microsoft have behind closed doors for this year's show – will it be enough to steal the headlines? Plus – we discuss the biggest third party games and beyond, as this episode of the Bonus Round kicks off the countdown to E3 – and it starts right now.

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blackout2925d ago

Microsoft please show up BIG. Boy we need something great here, its been a long time. News console, maybe a lot of EXCLUSIVES. Give something to talk about this year.

trounbyfire2925d ago

i think Microsoft will have many games to show because they haven't put out much the last two years.

I just hope sony doesn't announce games the weak before E3 like last year. they both need to bring it because everyone has made up their mind that Nintendo already won

KILLERAPP2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I hope Agent finally sees the light of day... Now that LA Noire is out Rockstar needs to repay Sony those 20 million they invested in the game...If the same people that make GTA do make the game then am very interested in it... Am hoping for some surprises there always fun...