DaleAlStick: Wipeout HD Fury Review. "Welcome Back" pack guide.

The third of the five games we are reviewing. A really great game that has an outstanding quality, but it is not for everyone.

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Balflear872705d ago

Remember to turn off google translator for the last paragraph :)

slutface2705d ago

this game looks amazing on my tv....still one of the best looking ps3 games to this day!

clearelite2705d ago

I really can't wait to get this when the PSN Store goes back up. I have always loved Wipeout, but sadly, never had much of a chance to play it. That will change as soon as the PSN Store goes back up. I will be suggesting others download it as well.

SociaLDisorderR2705d ago

Speaking of the store. Does anyone know when? Has Sony announced a date?

Balflear872704d ago

PSN Store is supposed to be avalaible tomorrow

VonBraunschweigg2705d ago

For optimum results: use the cockpit view. Steering the nose of your ship in the right direction is a lot easier that way, and it looks way cooler. Perform a barrel role and the whole screen turns around, the immersion is so much better when in cockpit view. I use the WipEout 2097 HUD for nostalgia, and you can copy the soundtrack from the original PS1 gamedisc straight to your PS3 HDD and use it in HD Fury.